Elaboration of theory

Excerpt from “The Star Rover” by Jack London:

All my life I have had an awareness of other times and places. I have been aware of other persons in  me…You have forgotten much, my reader, and yet, as you read these lines, you remember dimly the hazy vistas of other times and places into which your child eyes peered. They seem dreams to you today. Yet if they were dreams, dreamed then, whence the substance of them? Our dreams are grotesquely compounded of the things we know.

In my book, “Dead Man’s Plan”, the hero, Lee Wyatt, finds himself on Death Row. He shot a man, a bad man, during an old-fashioned duel on Main Street.  The governor is not going to save him. So Wyatt is faced with the electric chair. But he has faith that God will never desert him.

Wyatt ends up dying in the electric chair. But that’s just his body. His spirit lives on.  In the second to the last chapter of “Dead Man’s Plan”, Wyatt literally has a come-to-Jesus meeting. Here the Lord forgives him for the sin of killing another human being.  The Lord also sends Wyatt’s spirit back down to earth into the body of a dog that’s in the animal shelter’s version of Death Row. The dog is adopted by Wyatt’s good friend, a Native American woman named Soaring Eagle. 

A basic tenet of Christianity is that one can only live forever by coming through Jesus to reach God the Father.  One way of living forever is through reincarnation. I’m not saying one goes through endless reincarnations but for some souls, I believe another chance or two to live life on earth can be extremely instructive. Ultimately all Christian souls return to heaven to live with God and other Christians. But in the span of eternity, I think there’s an opportunity for some souls, not all, mind you, but for some Christian souls to live life again, with the Lord’s blessing.


About The Dr. of Badology

I'm a wildly successful writer and video-game maker trapped in Wal-Mart cashier's clothing. I I enjoy exploring the philosophical realities of my life, biking, bowling, golf, tennis, reading and writing. And watching assorted professional sports, especially the NFL, NHL, MLB professional golf and tennis. My beloved Rat Terrier Indy, who was 17, passed away in May 2013. I still care for and co-reside with a stylish and lovable indoor/outdoor cat named Shaggy II. Just got a new roommate, Peggy W., who is a lovely person. My latest creative adventure is a video golf & and mystery-adventure game called "Paradise City Golf & Mystery-Adventure Game". Project is currently on Kickstarter. I am trying to raise $5K to pay for game-development expenses so I can market the video game to companies like EA Sports.
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1 Response to Elaboration of theory

  1. Jenny says:

    I have not studied theology and have only glimpses of what I think may possibly be my prior lives, thus I am no expert; I only have ideas/theories that work for me at this point in my life, and really that is all anyone can have. The only ones who know the truth are the ones who have passed. The rest of us are left with our theories and guesses and dreams.

    I do not believe that Christianity is the only path to God and/or Goddess. For example, the God I feel living in my heart would not condem a child to eternal death simply because that child had not taken Jesus into his/her heart. The God I believe in is not that arrogant, and much more compassionate. In my opinion, the Bible as we know it is not the complete teachings of God. Or what ever you call the higher power. The devine is beyond the words we have to describe it, and the wisdom of the devine cannot be contained within one book. One book that has been translated time and again by man… man who is always susceptible to his own agendas. So when the Bible, or our impressions of it, teach us that upon death there is life in heaven or hell and that is all, I cannot help but question that. Other religions teach reincarnation, who am I to say it isn’t so?

    I pray to Jesus, althought my interpretation of Him may be different than yours. I also believe in reincarnation. There is a fascinating book, if I remeber the title it is “The Biology of Reincarnation” or something like that. Also “The Living Energy Universe”, written by a couple hard-core scientists. Oh, and then my favorite, “What the Bleep Do We Know”, the DVD version. Check ’em out. I am sure that any one who wants to find the devil will find what they seek wherever they look. I however am looking for the devine and finding it in the sound of the loone over the lake at dusk, in the sunrise over the field, in the softness of a look in an animal’s eyes, and in opening my mind to the possibilities that the devine is in everything and that upon death, our energy is transformed and, upon our choosing, reincarnated, as I believe Jesus did many times before becoming the Jesus we now study.

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