The True About Who You Are…And Aren’t, which Makes All the Difference in the World

I have observed an older man walking the streets of my sleepy little town of Red Wing, Minnesota. I frequently laugh at him because of what I perceive as his outlandish, completely off-base behavior. If a vehicle cuts him off as he’s about to enter a crosswalk, which is legally and technically a violation of his rights, the man starts cursing at the driver of the offending vehicle. Okay, by the letter of the law, he’s completely in his rights to be upset about the incident. But in reality, he’s completely out to lunch.

I empathize with the guy as much as I can. It’d be a lot of work to survive without the use of a motor vehicle, which I assume this man has to do. But I laugh at the wasted energy of his rants against the “evil” drivers who cross his path.

This man’s ravings remind me of the collective bitching of humanity’s gripes. Both result from a completely deluded belief that we’re all fundamentally separate.

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I'm a wildly successful writer and video-game maker trapped in Wal-Mart cashier's clothing. I I enjoy exploring the philosophical realities of my life, biking, bowling, golf, tennis, reading and writing. And watching assorted professional sports, especially the NFL, NHL, MLB professional golf and tennis. My beloved Rat Terrier Indy, who was 17, passed away in May 2013. I still care for and co-reside with a stylish and lovable indoor/outdoor cat named Shaggy II. Just got a new roommate, Peggy W., who is a lovely person. My latest creative adventure is a video golf & and mystery-adventure game called "Paradise City Golf & Mystery-Adventure Game". Project is currently on Kickstarter. I am trying to raise $5K to pay for game-development expenses so I can market the video game to companies like EA Sports.
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