Don’t Wait Until You Die to be in Heaven

Okay, now I will explain and prove the truthfulness of that seemingly outlandish claim. It all starts, and comes down to, how you define the self. If you think the real you is defined by your past behaviors, the laundry list of demographic facts about you (age, physical appearance, occupation, marital status, etc.) and what you do every day, then you’re trapped in a prison of your own making. You see, you’re mistaking what you do with WHO you really are.

The cornerstone of my book, “Overcome Any Personal Obstacle, Including Alcoholism, By Understanding Your Ego” – http://www. — is that to overcome any addictive, obsessive and dysfunctional behavior, you have to live beyond your ego. The ego is the voice inside your head that tries to convince you that you are separate from everyone and everything else. Because the ego thinks you’re separate, and therefore limited in power and ability, the predominant emotions that fuel the ego’s engine are fear and want. The ego makes a person fear they will lose something – material possession, power, admiration and respect of others, status, their job, and so – or to want something they don’t have – more material possessions, more power/status, more respect from others, a better job, and so on.

So if you buy the ego’s worldview, then you’re in almost constant state of fear or wanting. You don’t appreciate the gifts from God that you have plus you fear you may lose something of value. But human beings weren’t created with this mindset. It’s something that developed over time and has been the predominant worldview for thousands of years. But thankfully, thanks in part to writers like Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, there is a spiritual evolution going on. The collective consciousness of the world is evolving, which means more people realize the fundamental falseness of the ego’s arbitrary distinctions between people, places and things. Long standing spiritual practices such as Buddhism and Christianity are based on love of others and belief in a higher power, which is to a power higher than the personal (i.e. – ego-driven) self.

From John, chapter 8, verses 31-32:  So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”   I interpret that to mean if we understand the truth about who we are, that we’re all spiritually connected in one unified body, that realization will set us free to act lovingly, honestly and wisely for the benefit of not only our personal self but for the good of the universe.

There is a Zen Buddhist saying that goes, “No ego? No problem.” The problem with the ego, like Big Tobacco companies, is that they’re both so firmly entrenched and have grown so large and prevalent, that they present a serious challenge to our collective health. But the growing sales of electronic cigarettes prove one need not always back down to a Goliath-type opponent.

It takes a certain amount of creativity and imagination to understand the true nature of the human being. You can’t just accept what you see on the surface of things as being the truth. To comprehend the flowing energy and interconnectedness of everyone and everything also requires a certain amount of faith. Faith is believing in things not directly seen. The ego thrives on easy answers, division, drama, and conflict. Faith and enlightenment are more subtle, deeper and all about compassionate coexisting with and loving others.

Physicists, led by Einstein and Heisenberg, and many others, have proven that beneath the physical facade of external appearances, everything, all matter, is energy. And that all energy everywhere is intimately connected with all other energy systems. The means there is “other”. When we meet another person, we’re really meeting another part of ourselves. This realization of the truth of unity, of God, of the One Life, eliminates fear of others and wanting to get more from them. The enlightened person knows they already have everything they need to be happy in the Now and if they lose something, they’ll either get it back if they truly need it or they won’t, which means they didn’t really need whatever it was anyway.

Contrast that with the ego-driven person. When the ego’s owner encounters another person or situation (or both), the ego says, “How can I benefit from this?” or perhaps, “If there’s a danger to me, what can I do to protect myself?”  That kind of attitude represents the bars of the prison cell most people confine themselves to. But the miracle and joy of life is that this is completely under the power of the individual to change. Attitude and wisdom (knowledge of the truth Jesus spoke about) are the keys that will open the prison cell the ego-dominated person finds themselves in.

As always, it comes down to a personal decision: What’s my attitude going to be not only today but RIGHT NOW, AT THIS VERY MOMENT? I hope and pray you decide to be free of the ego’s lies and limitations.


About The Dr. of Badology

I'm a wildly successful writer and video-game maker trapped in Wal-Mart cashier's clothing. I I enjoy exploring the philosophical realities of my life, biking, bowling, golf, tennis, reading and writing. And watching assorted professional sports, especially the NFL, NHL, MLB professional golf and tennis. My beloved Rat Terrier Indy, who was 17, passed away in May 2013. I still care for and co-reside with a stylish and lovable indoor/outdoor cat named Shaggy II. Just got a new roommate, Peggy W., who is a lovely person. My latest creative adventure is a video golf & and mystery-adventure game called "Paradise City Golf & Mystery-Adventure Game". Project is currently on Kickstarter. I am trying to raise $5K to pay for game-development expenses so I can market the video game to companies like EA Sports.
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