I am the author of “Overcpme Any Personal Obstacle,Including Alcoholism, By Understanding Your Ego” it’s available on Amazon and at WWW.lulu.com/spotlight/leewriter. It’s s spiritual road map to help people discover the truth about who they truly are. I am also rewriting a movie script called “The Unhappy Hour”, which features,2 alcoholic superheroes who must sober up and fight crime for CIA or else go jail for fatal car accident committed while drunk.


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  1. leewriter says:

    Thanks, Dennis. I’m disappointed at the # of copies my self-help book has sold but I believe it has the ancient and universal wisdom in it that can help a lot people help themselves overcome dysfunctional, obsessive behaviors that are compromising their quality of life. So I’ll keep on keeping on with promoting that book and writing another book, this one being essentially a compilation of the BREAKING BAD-Related blogs I’ve already done. I’ve tweeted links and encouragement to some of the show’s cast members and to creator Vince Gilligan. And as I commented on your blog, I enjoyed “Sandy”. BTW: You’re not homeless, right? You mentioned in the “Sandy” blog that you had to leave to go to work but that wouldn’t preclude you from being homeless but having a job lessens the chances you’re homeless. Anyway, I was just curious.

  2. Earth Angel says:

    Glad I found your blog … Saw your comment in Dennis’s blog … your honest universal truths are an inspiration … Keep being inspired to write.. Heart to heart Robyn

    • leewriter says:

      Thank you, Robyn! I wrote the book in response to tragedy, my wife Amy of over 19 years committed a slow suicide via daily, copious doses of cheap vodka over about ten years, and in response to all the misery my abuse of alcohol caused me. I was so curious to understand why Amy and I, and people in general, can continue to do the same stupid, unhealthy and dysfunctional things over and over even though it’s painfully obvious how unwise the behaviors are. Then I read a couple of books by Eckhart Tolle, and I had a come-to-Jesus (Buddha) moment: IT’S OUR EGOS THAT ARE TO BLAME. So I wrote my book and write an associated blog.

      BTW: I’m astounded how few copies of my book have been sold this year. When I think of all my promotional efforts and how fundamentally sound and truthful the book’s message is, I am at a loss to understand the problem. It’s not I’m writing primarily to make money (it’s secondary to helping people save themselves from causing more misery for themselves and others around them) but it’s more of an intellectual curiosity. Oh well, I guess that’s one of the reasons I have switched my focus to screenwriting.

      • Earth Angel says:

        Thank you so much for sharing your life experience with me.. My mother was an alcoholic …quit drinking …then turned to pain killers which eventually took her life through Liver Disease… Fortunately I never turned to drugs or alcohol …yet feel the pain you must have felt to lose your wife…as I did when I lost my mother… Yet in this moment loving her unconditionally.. As she was my example for compassion and love beyond words

        Through years and years of healing and love of self.. I feel that we can raise our vibration to love ourselves unconditionally..thus becoming my mission to be a gatekeeper and wayseer for others…keep your vision on what you want to share … all of your messages have reached those who can hear it…and being unconditional means that each has their own path..the best we can be is the example… Which may not seem it makes a huge difference..

        With no real need for anyone to get what I have gotten as far as how to develop self love ..I find that the more I love…the more I have no conditions for that love

        Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my comment and feeling passionate about helping others.. I will check out your book! Heart to Heart Robyn

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